The 2021 Nomad Cup - Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia

The 2nd annual Nomad Cup tournament is set to be held at the Boutiliers Point Community rink in Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia. It will feature 16 teams in 2 divisions, an open division which is open to all, and a women’s division, playing outdoors from January 29th to 31st, 2021 (with the following weekend as a backup date).

Teams can apply to register by emailing Dustin Hall at starting on October 1st 2020.  If your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email.

2020’s tournament was an incredible success with players coming from as far away as Cape Breton, to compete and have a good time.  With the World Pond Hockey Championships being cancelled for 2021, we are expecting teams from across Atlantic Canada to be vying for spots in the tournament.

Pond hockey tournaments are everywhere these days, so what sets the Nomad Cup apart?  For starters, this is NOT a pond hockey tournament per se.  We've included goaltenders in these outdoor games, and we're asking players to suit up like it's a league game, with full gear, to face off and play hard in this 4 on 4 format.  The rink has boards and lights for evening games which offers an incredible experience.

Nomad Cup Boutiliers Point Nova Scotia

Teams will be able to carry 9 players on their roster plus a goalie, for a total of 10 players.  The team fee is $500 per team and each team will be guaranteed 3 games and must be prepared to play as early as 5:30pm on the Friday of the tournament.  We will also take names of those who wish to enter the tournament as an individual, for which there is $60 fee.

Part of the reason for this tournament is to raise money to help support the Boutiliers Point rink, so people can continue to enjoy an already wonderful outdoor rink, run exclusively by a group of incredible volunteers.

Women’s Division Champions inaugural Nomad CupWe will be taking precautions regarding COVID-19 to ensure the safety of all of the participants, fans, and volunteers.

To register your team, email Dustin Hall at staring October 1st, 2020 to secure your spot.  Payments will be taken via eTransfer if your submission is approved.

Tournament rules and regulations can be found HERE

Check out the HIGHLIGHT VIDEO from the 2020 Nomad Cup.