Nomad Cup

Imagine this: you're having a drink with your new hockey team after a solid win and you're telling tales of your best plays, your injuries, your big wins.  As you list off your accolades, you mention winning the Nomad Cup.  Everyone quiets down and looks at you.  That is a tough one to top.  This is it, the moment you decisively win the locker room one-upsmanship battle we have all been a part of.  No-one in your room has won a Nomad Cup before, and there's a slim chance they will.  

The Nomad Cup is the World's ONLY travelling outdoor hockey tournament, changing venue from year to year, making it one of the toughest hockey trophies to win.  Getting your name engraved on the Cup can only happen if the tournament is either in your area, or if you travel to the tournament, and then you have to beat out everyone else vying for the Nomad Cup. 

The inaugural Nomad Cup tournament is to be held at the Boutiliers Point Community rink in Boutiliers Point, Nova Scotia and will feature 16 teams in one competitive pool playing outdoors from January 24th to January 26th, 2020.  Imagine 100 years from now, players tracing their fingers over the names of past champions.  They celebrate being a part of hockey history themselves after their tournament victory in Chile, one of dozens of countries to host the tournament as it grew into a major annual competition.  This first tournament is your best shot at getting your name on the Nomad Cup, so don't miss out.

Pond hockey tournaments are everywhere these days, so what sets the Nomad Cup apart?  For starters, this is NOT a pond hockey tournament.  We've included goaltenders in these outdoor games, and we're asking players to suit up like it's a league game, with full gear, to face off and play hard in this 4 on 4 format.  

We are also trying to raise money to help support the Boutiliers Point rink with this tournament, so people can continue to enjoy an already wonderful outdoor rink.  

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