Nomad Hockey - About Us

Like most hockey players, we have a story.  Hockey was born on the lakes and ponds in Nova Scotia and was sent out to the world to be loved and pursued by millions.  Hockey players are known for being driven to follow the game around the world in search of the best places to play, the best places to watch, and the best places to experience the game.  The life of a hockey player can be quite the Nomadic one, going from place to place, wherever the game takes us.  

Hockey isn't only followed by its players, but its fans too.  Hockey fans will cheer on their teams regardless of the venue.  We follow the game both physically, and emotionally.  We don't even need to be at the game to experience the heartbreak or the elation.  

Nomad Hockey was also born on lakes and ponds, where the love of the game pushed us to pursue hockey as players and fans to the far reaches of the globe, wherever the opportunities took us.  Those hockey experiences in different countries, with different cultures, opened our eyes to the common ground that hockey fans all have, a simple love of the game, regardless of how we experience it.  

We are all Nomads, we all follow the game in our own way.  Nomad Hockey doesn't care how you do it, we just care that you #FollowTheGame in your own way.


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